Promote mobile check deposits to reduce in-person banking

Customers need to get checks into their accounts, but reduced in-person banking is an issue. Here’s how mobile deposits solves the problem and drives loyalty.

Promote mobile check deposits to reduce in-person banking

Download your mobile app using their smartphone                          

   As banks and credit unions work to enable social distancing, online remote deposit capture (RDC) can help reduce potential exposure to the coronavirus for consumers and your staff. Here’s what you need to know.

RDC using mobile    

   According to a 2019 GSMA report, there are 5.2 billion smartphone connections globally, with an adoption rate of 65%. If your bank or credit union offers RDC services, let your customers or members know they can:

 1)    Download your mobile app using their smartphone    
2)     Take a picture of their check    
 3)     Deposit it to their account from anywhere at any time    

 The technology is already widely in use, so promote it as an opportunity to increase social distancing and highlight how easy and secure it is to use.

Keeping money flowing    

   With countries working to institute stimulus plans across the globe, many consumers will need to process checks, potentially driving many to banks and credit unions—and to your RDC services. Getting ahead of this moment will be key.    

Expanding RDC        

Longer term, this is an opportunity for banks and credit unions to expand RDC services by loosening restrictions to allow more retail banking customers to make check deposits remotely.

It’s a good idea to revisit your guidelines for how much your customers can deposit daily and when check funds are available, so your customers have the quickest possible access to their money. This also helps you build goodwill in a time where many consumers are facing financial difficulties.    

Helping support economies    

   Financial institutions are vital to helping the world keep commerce running. With RDC, consumers can deposit checks to buy groceries and essentials during a challenging time, providing peace of mind. With continued deposits keeping money moving, banks and credit unions support not only their customers, but the economy in general.    

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