NCR Voyix Pulse Real-Time Dashboard can provide immediate insights for your restaurant

NCR Voyix Pulse is a real-time mobile cloud reporting, alerts and analytics tool built for restaurants. Learn what insights in the palm of your hand can do for you.

NCR Voyix Pulse Real-Time Dashboard can provide immediate insights for your restaurant

Running a restaurant, as any owner or manager will tell you, is not easy. With so many parts of the restaurant to operate and manage—from selecting the correct restaurant pos system, keeping the business running smoothly, to ensuring guests and employees are having the best experience—it’s hard for restaurant management to gain visibility into critical aspects of the business. But they need that insight to make strategic decisions about sales and performance.

But having so many different access points for operational information, lack of predictable data or being pulled in too many directions keeps them from managing the operations in the most strategic, efficient way. And that’s where NCR Voyix Pulse Real-Time can help.

              The real-time data from NCR Voyix Pulse

What is NCR VOYIX Pulse Real-Time?

NCR Voyix Pulse Real-Time is a real-time mobile cloud reporting, alerts and analytics tool that restaurant owners and their management teams use to run their business from their mobile device, no matter where they are. With the app, they gain easy access to real-time insights pulled directly from their Aloha restaurant POS system, helping them save time and money.

Using your Android or Apple device, you can pull up the app to track and monitor everything in your business, from up-to-the-minute sales information to notification alerts sent when issues require your attention.

Instantly see how your restaurant is doing, at any time

NCR Voyix Pulse Real-Time gives you immediate visibility into how your restaurant is performing—all from the palm of your hand:  

• Restaurant owners and managers can gain real-time alerts and instant access to sales data on their mobile device. This includes a breakdown of net sales by hour, day part, revenue, category and ordering channel. Historical data is used to compare real time sales numbers and forecast future trends.

• And just as critical, you’ll have instant insights into productivity that you need, when you need it. With NCR Voyix Pulse Real-Time, you can use the app for labor forecasting, taking mobile inventory and managing employee overtime with simple labor views and overtime alerts. The app also has an employee “tile” that provides a scorecard ranking of each employee’s sales, tip averages and table turns.  

• This solution also sends alerts whenever there’s a comp with a high amount. When a customer is dissatisfied, it usually results the cost of the check being discounting—and that adds up. With Pulse Real-Time, your managers can determine what the issue is to reduce the comps, promos and voids...and the errors causing them.  

• NCR Voyix Pulse delivers an improved guest experience for restaurant business owners. With the ability to see guest checks in real time, the app gives you more detailed table visits with guests. You can also see current tables and their number of guests, view total check amounts and determine how long guests are staying. Additionally, you can see how many guests are in your dining room and gauge whether you have enough staff to provide the best possible customer service experience.  

NCR Voyix Pulse Real-Time uses consumer transaction technology to give you the ability to drive an overall better customer experience, make strategic decisions using data and efficiently manage your staff.

Make faster, smarter decisions on the fly

NCR Voyix Pulse is easy to navigate from one metric to another, and you have the option of looking at the data from an overview perspective or drilling down into the details. With user-defined dashboards, you can see the information most important to you (including your top and bottom performers) suspicious activity, possible fraud, overall performance and more.  

The reports are simple to navigate with a modern UI that makes it easy to spot notifications, outliers and sales by touchpoint to help isolate and address issues with your guests and keep them happy, even when they still might be in the restaurant.

You can also analyze performance in more detail, down to the item level. Sales trends are displayed in both report and graph formats, so it’s easy to see what items customers are ordering and track that against targets and compare it with previous weeks. And you can set alerts for lower or higher than expected sales and identify potentially out of stock items if orders for them have stopped.

See how NCR Voyix Pulse Real-Time can help your restaurant

When you and your managers have instant, 24/7 access to insights on every level of your restaurant business, you can immediately zero in on what’s critical to your business performance. You can make faster, smarter decisions on the go while your staff can keep filling orders, increasing table turns and delivering exceptional service experience that keeps guests coming back.

Ready to see how Pulse Real-Time can help you manage your business on the go? Let's get in touch.