Learn how restaurant POS software can enhance your customer’s experience

Powerful restaurant pos software can empower your business in a multitude of ways. Learn the benefits your restaurant pos software can bring to your customer experience.


Learn how restaurant POS software can enhance your customer’s experience


Flexible POS software is the key to a betterend-to-end customer experience

When you think about the various factors that contribute to a positive customer experience at a restaurant, what comes to mind? You probably think great service, delicious food and good ambiance. Have you ever thought about the point-of-sale (POS) system as a value-add to your overall experience? Most customers probably haven’t. But everyone notices when they have to wait forever to order or when the restaurant gets an order wrong. This boils down to bad efficiency—and a POS that isn’t as powerful as it could be.

A robust POS system doesn’t just take guests’ orders. It also improves efficiency throughout the ordering process, so guests don’t have to stare at their watches after they order. What else can intuitive POS software do for your restaurant’s customers? We’ve picked out  five major benefits of owning a powerful POS for passionate operators like you:

1. Efficient POS systems connect the end-to-end customer experience

Having an efficient POS system is a key component for positive customer interactions and seamless customer dining experiences. Of course, restaurant owners should put thought and care into every aspect of their customers’ experience, from lighting and decor to background music. However, none of these “extras” mean much if you aren’t leveraging your most important sales tool: your POS. Even if a restaurant’s food is out-of-this-world amazing, many customers won’t return if either their orders or the charges they incur are incorrect. You don’t want to risk losing customers, especially since Americans spend so much at restaurants.

In addition to improving order processing speed and accuracy, your restaurant technology platform can help you predict future supply needs based on customer behavior. Juan Fernando, vice president of the Georgia-based multi-unit Mexican restaurant, La Parrilla, appreciates technology that gives you more information on guests. "I think we need to rely more on technology when it comes to understanding our customer behavior," he says. "When we had two restaurants, it was relatively easier to make decisions based on intuition. Now it's different because our restaurants behave differently according to where they're located."

2. POS software connects the front of the house to the kitchen

One of the keys to providing top-quality customer service is improving order speed and accuracy. Efficient restaurant POS software can save servers’ time.  If they’re able to automatically send tickets to the kitchen or bar through a POS system rather than running back and forth themselves, they can spend more time providing dedicated service to even more customers.

Fernando also sees the value of having this kind of connectivity between the front and back of the house. “The new versions of NCR VOYIX Aloha are very, very strong when it comes to...busy nights when there are so many transactions,” he says.  

Along with speed, POS systems improve accuracy. Gone are the days when the kitchen staff was left to interpret waiters’ handwriting on order stubs. POS-generated tickets offer clear order instructions and have time stamps that help kitchen staff prioritize orders and avoid errors. When you add kitchen solutions to work with your POS, you can route orders to different stations at the best times so your plates are hot and ready, and you can deliver a top-notch restaurant experience.

3. POS software completes hassle-free transactions across multiple forms of payment

Have you ever been ready to pay for something at a shop, only to discover you don’t have your wallet with you? Or maybe you’ve had to dash to an ATM after realizing a restaurant only accepts cash?

In today’s world, transactions continue to shift away from cash and—in many cases—away from credit card purchases toward mobile payments. As a customer, it’s important to know that your favorite restaurant accepts your preferred method of payment, like Apple Pay or Cash App. Adopting a great POS system allows your restaurant to diversify its transactions, and as a result, its customer base.

Today, 92% of consumers (need a link or just say most) read restaurant reviews before deciding to visit, so making it clear that your establishment offers hassle-free payment flexibility will help you attract new customers while retaining regulars.

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4. You can use your POS software to sell gift cards

Gift cards are popular as a gift . Many great restaurant POS systems leverage functionality that allows customers to use gift cards whenever it’s convenient for them.

As a restaurant owner, taking advantage of the opportunities gift cards represent can be great for business. Gift card options yield many benefits;they help strengthen your relationships with current customers and also attract new customers when passed along as gifts to first-time visitors.

5. POS software supports rewards programs that build long-term customer loyalty

A surefire way to encourage customer satisfaction is through a loyalty program. These programs show that you care about your customers’ experience and value them as people. An intuitive POS software can support loyalty programs by identifying frequent customers, issuing coupons or discounts and keeping track of points for future rewards.

The benefits of having a robust POS system may seem obvious, especially when it comes to improving your restaurant’s internal operations and processes. What’s less obvious are the ways these benefits trickle down to enhance the customer experience at your establishment.

Understanding the technology is the first step to unlocking their benefits. With a firm knowledge base, you and your employees can leverage this expansive functionality to track, target and tailor offerings to your customers, so you can build stronger brand loyalty in the long run.